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This is the GoPro Hero 4 Product Launch video that was released late 2014. It is no surprise that GoPro’s marketing strategy is becoming one of the most successful and impacting marketing campaigns of our time. This is largely due to the expanding target market of the popular personal camera, their strategic athlete sponsorships and events, but even more so simply the content that the camera captures.

The GoPro team has done an excellent job of perfecting the tactic of ‘story-telling’ and content marketing. Each and every video promoted by GoPro has a way of captivating the audience and making viewers feel as though they too can share in the experiences that the video has captured. I mean who doesn’t get the goosebumps staring into the eye of an erupting volcano, jumping through a crowd of thousands at an epic music festival or landing on a glacier in the Arctic. Their videos tell a story that evokes real world passion and feeling. “Stories stimulate the brain and have the potential to change how people act in life. Consumers want stories. Nielsen reports that 92% of consumers reported that they want companies to create advertising that feels like a story.” Looks

like GoPro has mastered the art of doing so!

Another extremely successful move for GoPro Marketing has been the viral GoPro Youtube Channel that has invited users to submit their own content and allow the GoPro product to truly market itself (a company’s dream). This has arguably been one of the major marketing tactics to send the entrepreneur-based company to launch its recent IPO last summer. Now “The GoPro marketing strategy team searches the web for the best and coolest videos shot with their cameras. They actively seek out emotional and impactful content that they can share with the rest of their fanbase, whether it’s ‘extreme’ and unique content or simply the beauty of everyday life” that allows so many users to connect with their product and mission. They are never at a loss for new and exciting content to continue their strong brand reputation.

With the company’s latest launch of GoPro generation 4 their strategic product expansion has allowed their marketing team to fully exploit all possible target markets. They have released a low cost camera to appeal to a younger or lower middle class consumer while at the same time offering an extremely high-end video production camera to reach the elite of filmmakers and upper class tech connoisseurs, and various levels in between. This allows for multiple marketing strategies that can connect a huge range of potential consumers and get them to recognize that there is something in their own life worth capturing. You don’t have to be a professional athlete or adrenaline junkie anymore to feel like purchasing a GoPro camera would be a good move for you. A

prime example of this are the infant videos launched in the Hero 3 product promotional video. Here there are a few scenes where the camera captures some of every day life’s beautiful moments, like the footage of a little girl grinning with excitement from being thrown in the air by her father, or the video’s subsequent scenes of a family dog playing fetch from the point of view of his stick. These are not professional athletes, they are everyday people enjoying their lives. These marketing moves have allowed for a much greater product reach than GoPro may have ever first imagined. An amazing tactical move made my by the GoPro marketing team.


Cook, Russel. ‘Go Big Or GoPro: How The GoPro Marketing Strategy Defines Content Marketing.’ November 3, 2014.

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