The Optimist Creed

Optimist Creed

This is a passage that has personally carried me through many of life’s most unexpected, predictable, good, and unfortunate events. Better put life’s everyday trials and victories. I have challenged myself to not let a day go by where I don’t wake up and begin the day by reading this creed.  I have found it to be an inspiration and crutch for strength often. It is by far one of my most cherished and life-changing finds.

Optimism sure is great eh?? I mean everybody wants the glass half full right.. well true for most but I think we all know those people that seems to seek out life’s most unfortunate circumstances. It is almost as if they live for misery and know nothing but it and the drama they create from it.

Don’t be that guy, the life of the optimist is far greater than that of the pessimist.

It has been scientifically proven that an optimist’s explanatory style serves as a protective factor against depression, as well as a number of serious medical problems, including coronary heart disease, while pessimism has been linked with depression, stress, and high levels of anxiety (Kamen & Seligman, 1987). This is no new phenomenon people.

Optimism plays a huge role in physical and mental health, it not only effects the length and strength of recovery from illness and disease but is also linked to life longevity. There are numerous science articles correlating optimism to immune defense, resistance of chronic illness, avoidance of destructive behavior and many more physical health issues.

Psychologically, optimists recover from disappointment more quickly than others and most importantly are more apt to engage in problem solving when faced with difficult situations. Let’s face it in the world of business you will always be presented with difficult situations, if you are able to look them in the face and dissect their problems you will be much more successful and efficient than those who are continually brought down by difficulty.

I think it is important to note that these findings are not newly revolutionary. I’m sure that upon reading this you had some sort of idea of where it was going and was not shocked to hear the findings.. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of the importance of positive thinking. This is why I’ve found repetitive daily reading of the optimist creed has allowed me to manifest a different more positive way of thinking in everyday life. Each stanza’s declaration allows for a new daily mission, whether you are going through times of trial or times of victory there is a nugget of truth that lies among this creed for you.


“Mindfulness and Positive Thinking- Optimism”

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