Soul Pancake- Kid President

“What if there really were two paths? I wanna be on the one that leads to AWESOME!”

Well isn’t that just the greatest pep talk you’ve ever heard, and perhaps by the cutest lil guy around. Thank you Kid President! This short awesome video is guaranteed to always remind me to take a look at life from a different perspective, to take a deep breath and shrug off whatever has been bothering me, and bust a move.

He’s right… shouldn’t we all be on the same team? Even at that, shouldn’t we at least be on our own team? Stop being hard on yourself and measuring yourself against everyone else. Quit the racing, the fighting through life and ‘be just as excited about the success of others as you are about your own.’ If you are competitive by nature, this sort of change in thinking will be incredibly freeing for you. It will probably drive you to personal success much faster by eliminating the distractions and step backs that envy brings. Loving and encouraging the people around you will only bring you more self affirmation and strength in your own battles.

It’s amazing how complicated we can make life sometimes and how routine and boring we can become stressing out over things that maybe shouldn’t mean as much as they do to us. We forget how awesome life can be if we spend time indulged in our passions, using our talents and being the unique souls we truly are. This is what will bring us happiness and awesomeness time and time again.

I just love this little guy’s simple and bold truth and most of all his dance moves!

                            “It’s our duty to give the world a reason to DANCE”

                                                               -Words o’ wisdom brought to you by the Kid President.

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