Liquid Force

Social Media / Email Marketing / Paid Advertising / Event Planning / Partner Collaborations

Social Media


  • Turn Instagram to Plan-agram
  • Increase user engagement and likes per post
  • Create cool, engaging and relevant posts a head of time
  • New creative collage campaign concept
  • Advertise product we sell direct in stories

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Email Marketing


  • Grow our list of email subscribers
  • Increase traffic to our website
  • Increase direct sales
  • Create intriguing material in line with our current marketing initiatives

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Direct To Consumer Paid Advertising


  • Increase direct sales through paid digital advertising
  • Dynamic consumer retargeting
  • Test image performance and copy performance
  • Audience split testing

Google Paid Retargeting Ads

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Facebook Carousel Ads

Event Planning


  • Free For All- Nationwide tour with over 40 cable park takeovers and boat events
  • Create a one of a kind experience with our consumers through grass roots activation
  • Get consumers to demo our new product line
  • Grow the sport of wakeboarding by providing free riding, free lessons from pros, and free gear
  • Create fun, energetic, approachable, and exciting marketing assets to promote the tour

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Partner Collaborations


  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month special project
  • Raise awareness and funding for B4BC, an awesome non-profit organization
  • Create unique content w/ pro rider Melissa Marquardt (B4BC Ambassador)
  • Promote brand social responsibility and support an awesome cause

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