Project Flight

Event Planning and Promotion

Executive Summary


Organize and execute a successful group skydive event to raise awareness and fundraise for Community Boost Consulting’s Project FLITE. A 10-week training program to enable and empower at-risk, inner city youth to realize their potential, recognize business opportunities and become the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Marketing Collateral:

Promote the fundraiser using print collateral on college campuses. Appeal the design towards our target audience using high energy design elements.

Fundraiser Platform: This all-in-one platform allowed us to create videos and establish a network connection of fundraisers who could create and distribute their own pages. Using their platform we were able to market our event, publish our goal and measure our daily strides towards it. We were also able to fully integrate our established marketing collateral which allowed for seamless fundraising efforts.

Event Results:

We exceeded our fundraising goal by 58% and brought together a group of 15 jumpers for the cause.