UNIT Surf Pool

Global Marketing

Digital Marketing

Social Media


  • Create engaging post types through performance-driven data
  • Grow brand awareness and reach in new product category
  • Establish consistent brand tone and messaging on all channels
  • Optimize content creation and increase overall performance
  • Educate the consumer through captivating video and photography
  • Develop strategic and influential opportunities for collaboration
  • Provide global customer service via channel messaging

Instagram- Viral Growth & Expansive Reach (9,000% Increase)

  • Organic Viral Engagement
  • 35+ Million views on original post
  • Total 100+ Million views of the video worldwide with reposts by many reputable and esteemed travel channels across the globe

LinkedIn- Updates, Education, Industry News

Sales Tools


  • Design and build engaging and dynamic digital sales tools
  • Maintain brand consistency in look, feel, and messaging on all platforms
  • Educate the consumer on the product and development applications in detail
  • Provide information on the production process and requirements
  • Begin the sales pre-qualification process through education
  • Content-heavy design for lifestyle affiliation and thorough product understanding

Website Development

Unit surf pool website landing page designed and built by waves and water
Unit Surf Pool website snip it featuring technology detail
Unit Surf Pool website snip it featuring location detail
Unit Surf Pool website snip it featuring business opportunity
Unit Surf Pool website snip it featuring search engine optimized blog

Informational Product Deck


Press Relations & Earned Media


  • Identify opportunities to share the brand and increase recognition
  • Write and submit articles and relevant news to various industry media publications
  • Engage in media interview opportunities
  • Write engaging award submissions that highlight brand advantages and characteristics
  • Maintain brand messaging consistency throughout all channels
  • Increase exposure and reach

Waves of Innovation Award | Outstanding Excellence in Sustainability

Unit surf pool wins waves of innovation award for sustainable impact at surf park summit

Articles, Interviews, & Earned Media

UNIT Surf Pool Accelerating ROI

Surf Park Central
Surf Park Central

Revel Surf Begins Construction

Revel Surf Groundbreaking event with Waves & Water
Surf Park Central

Rapid Wave Pool Party Showcases Tech

Rapid Wave Pool Party in Wakeparadise Milano to show case tech
Wavepool Mag

Unit Wave Pool Breaks Ground in Utah

Southern Shores Ground Breaking Event_Waves & Water
Wavepool Mag

Surf Park Awards Winners: UNIT Surf Pool

Unit Surf Pool wins sustainability award Surf Park Central
Surf Park Central

Growing Global Fan Base For Rapid Surfing

Maya Sauer training at th Rapid Surf League Pro Championship Final in Milan, used in article by Surf Park Central
Surf Park Central

First Luxury Surf Community in Utah

Southern Shores luxury surf community in development in southern utah salt lake city tribune
Salt Lake Tribune

Largest Indoor Rapid Wave Announced

Havelwelle in Berlin announces indoor wave pool
Shop Eat Surf

Surfers Hang Ten in the Middle of Mesa

Revel Surf Unit Wave up and running in Mesa Az
AZ Central

Outbound B2B Marketing

Public Speaking & Tradeshows


  • Personally represent the brand and share the key advantages of the product through presentations and round table conversations
  • Create relationships with vendors, suppliers, and consumers in the space
  • Increase credibility through industry networking and event participation
  • Be a voice in the industry through engaging panel topics and presentation opportunities
  • Spread awareness and enter new and strategic channel opportunities

Surf Park Industry Expert Panel Participation

Surf Park Summit 2021 Panel on The Evolution of Surf Park Culture

World Waterpark Association Symposium 2023

Creating Waves: A Discussion about Surf Parks

The popularity of surfing has grown exponentially thanks to new technologies in wave generation that are bringing ocean swells inland… even to a waterpark near you! Whether at waterparks, hotels, retail centers, or F&B locations, these surf simulators bring a new clientele who are desperate for waves on demand, while also creating an attraction for other guests to become engaged spectators. In this moderated panel, you’ll hear from the top makers of surf simulators and wave generation technology as they share the unique aspects of each system. Bring your questions for some Q&A to learn everything you want to know.

Surf Park Summit 2023

Future Forward: Innovation in Surf Park Development

A panel exploring unique approaches and business models in surf parks with insights from innovative industry leaders. How have you made an impact to grow reach? What innovations in technology have you used to increase consumer engagement? What have you seen be successful in content marketing in this sector?

Surf Park Summit 2022

Evolution of Surf Brand Marketing, and How New Trends in Surf Parks Will Change the Surf Industry

This panel, moderated by Bryan Dickerson from WavePoolMagazine, focuses on the intersection of surf brands and surf parks. How does the surf industry view wave pools, and more importantly, how are surf brands working with (and not working with) surf park developers? Our panelists represent a wide variety of surf park/surf brand relationships at work.

Surf Park Summit 2021

The Evolution of Surf Park Culture: 

Surfing is an indigenous sport with a long history and deep culture. Born across many pre-colonial coastal cultures, perfected in the Hawaiian islands, then shared with the world through the early 20th century, surfing is a sport that connects millions of saltwater enthusiasts all over the world every day with shared experiences. What happens in a world where freshwater surfing in human-made pools takes place vast distances from the nearest coastline? The answer is certainly going to be exciting! This panel explores the evolution of surf park culture. How do we build culture around a surf park even before waves are breaking? What might surf park culture become in the future? How can surf parks connect with and become part of the rich and storied evolution of surfing and elevate beyond being just another water park attraction?

2023 WWA Creating Wave Panel about Surf Parks
WWA 2021 UNIT Surf Pool Booth
Surf Park Summit 2022 Evolution of Surf Park Marketing
Jessica O'Leary Innovative Surf Marketing Panel Surf Park Summit 2023
Waves and Water presents UNIT Surf Pool at Surf Park Summit 2023
Surf Park Summit 2022 Jessica O'Leary talking with students interested in joining the Surf Park Industry
CDPC, Bar Architects and Waves & Water_ Jessica O'Leary
Jessica O'Leary presenting Unit Surf Pool at Surf Park Summit
Surf Park Summit 2023 Booth Jessica OLeary
Jessica O'Leary with Client at Surf Park Summit 2023
Surf Park Summit 2022 Evolution of Surf Park Marketing